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Our instructor and host Marcel Prefontaine has acquired much of his survival experience as a Conservation Officer in the remote areas of Northern Saskatchewan. As most travels within the Northern districts was by boat, snowmobile, and floatplane to many uninhabited areas, survival techniques were practiced regularly as a precaution and as a hobby.  Survival skills were also taught as part of the firearms safety training program both in the classroom and in the field.   In addition, trapping skills were acquired at a young age and later perfected, living in areas where trapping is a way of life; a skill which dramatically increases the chances of survival in a medium to a long term survival situation.    Many years of experience have given him the confidence and skills to challenge the most extreme survival situations

Marcel possesses a wealth of experience in orienteering as applied in forest management practices and establishing lease boundaries in forested areas where maps and compasses were key tools on a daily basis. 

Having knowledge of orienteering is one of the first steps to ensure you will never have to use your wilderness survival skills to save your life.

Contact SOS Wilderness Survival Inc. in Bruno, Saskatchewan, for more information about how our trips help you learn wilderness survival.

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