Complete Survival Course

Complete survival 5 days 4 nights
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Complete Survival - 5 days, 4 nights

Introduction to Survival

  • Preparation of vehicle and  Survival kits
  • Vehicle Parts as a Survival Resource
  • Survival Priorities and Psychology
  • Enemies of Survival  and High Risk Facors
  • Medium to Long Term Nutritional Requirements 

Fire Building Methods and Materials

  • Techniques with Friction (Bow Drill), Magnesium and Ferro rods, magnifying glass, flint and steel, matches, and suitable man made and natural tinder
  • Best Materials to maintain a Fire and Techniques to extent Burn Time
  • Lighting Fires in High Humidity or Rain
  • Self Feeding and Cooking Fires
  • Hot rock bed (conditions permitting) 
  • Tool Use, Maintainance, and Safety in Building and Maintaining Fires

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Shelter Building Methods and Materials

  • Various types of Tarp Shelters including Tarp Super Shelter.
  • Shelter with Natural Materials
  • Snow Shelter, conditions permitting
  • Knots and Lashing used in Shelter Building
  • Natural Cordage Materials
  • Joints and Notches without Cordage
  • Tool Use in Shelter Building


Finding Food and Water

  • Finding water in the abscence of surface water
    • Solar still and transpiration bag
    • Purifying and Filtering with kit supplies and by Natural Means
    Hunting and Trapping Techniques and Weapons
    • Snaring Techniques, Box traps/Deadfalls, Weapons 
    Edible Plants

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Signalling and Finding your Way out 

  • Building Signal Fires to Signal Aircraft and Fire Tower Personnel
  • Signal Mirror Techniques
  • Ground to Air Communication
  • The Decision to Find Your Way Out

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Complete Survival

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