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Survival Course Objective

Our survival courses are designed to raise an awareness of the importance of survival preparedness in your vehicle, your backpack, and in your mind, and to provided you with the skills and confidence needed to survive in potentially life threatening situations.

Whether you are training as part of your employment for certifiacation or simply want to experience a new adventure and enhance your survival and bush craft skills we have a course to suit your needs.

If we do not have what you are looking for, we will design a course to your specifications with a group of 4 or more people.

Although our regular schedule does not offer weekend courses, that can also be implemented to accommodate groups or companies with time constraints.



The course outline describes the topics we cover and include orienteering, fire and shelter building, methods of obtaining food and water, and signalling for help. We presently offer three courses which include:

  • Basic Survival - Offers 2 days and 1 nights of combined field and classroom training, and is the course of choice for companies or government agencies who wish to train field staff. The "classroom" sessions are held in our wilderness camps.
  • Complete Survival - This course is 5 days and 4 nights of field and classroom training and includes "bushcraft" additions such as construction of primitive weapons, traps, and tools which may not be necessary for short term survival but adds an element of interest for individuals wishing to learn primitive skills.
  • Wilderness Navigation - 2 day one night. Our orienteering/navigation course covers mostly compass use for those who do not wish to rely entirely on GPS systems due to issues with dead zones and dead batteries. This is an excellent course for people who work in remote areas or for those who like to keep traditional skills alive.
  • First Aid - Our first aid training is from outside sources and although it is not always possible, we make every effort to incorporate it into our courses if requested. Under such circumstances, there is an additional and possibly variable cost which we at SOS Wilderness Survival Inc. cannot control.
  • All Participants must sign a Release and Waiver form and a Medical form when registering for our courses

SOSWilderness Survival Inc. provides the basic equipment required for the course, however, you are required to bring personal items such as a seasonal sleeping bag and clothing, and a light backpack.


For more information about how our trips help you learn wilderness survival, contact SOS Wilderness Survival Inc.

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About Us

SOS Wilderness Survival Inc. offers wilderness survival training which requires no previous experience, provides you with lifesaving skills, and increases your overall confidence as an outdoor enthusiast or if you work and travel in isolated areas. As a source of outdoor survival training, we aim to ensure that our courses provide you with the best service, value, and comfort possible. Although our focus is on wilderness survival, we also wish to create an educational, fun, and memorable experience with a vacation atmosphere, and to promote respect for the environment by leaving a light footprint while enjoying the outdoors.

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